Schlagwort-Archive: Poems

About reading poetry

You might think, poems were something like a hard maths problem. Secret lingual digits forming a hidden pattern which is not even logic. How should anyone solve it? Or something like a dull mistery. A crime you wouldn’t want to solve, the murder of some lice…


But that is not what poems are about, though teachers often hint it were so.

Poems are able to cram a whole world into a few phrases or even words.

Truths which can’t be fitted into big dusty volumes jump at you. Thoughts are pressed behind your eyes. Feelings overwhelm you.

Stepping into a different head or time or world through some intent lines you realize as much about yourself as of others.

But all this you might miss – so to avoid such sad a fate:

Dare reading poems!

Just grab a book of fine poetry and flick through it until a word, a capture or a phrase interests you.

Then read on!

Some authors that might interest you: Mascha Kaléko, Gioconda Belli, Emily Dickinson, Nelly Sachs, Erich Fried, Thomas Tranströmer, Christian Morgenstern, Robert Frost.