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The next Strike!



Just finished listening to „The Silkworm“, read by Robert Glennister. J.K. Rowlings crime novels are the first I can barely wait for to continue. Cormoran Strike and his partner Robbin Ellacot are very  likeable detectives.

This time the two are searching for a missing author. His latest novel hasn’t yet been published but is already causing havock in Londons‘ literary circles.

A publisher and an editor have already put lawyers on the case. Meanwhile the brusk but nonetheless sympathic wife of the writer is desperately waiting for his return aside her handicapped daughter – another very well drawn charackter.

Robbin will show a lot more of what is in her, while Strike will bond a bit more with one of his half-siblings.

I liked the book a lot! The audiobook is read very well! Four paws and stars…I am already waiting for the next one!

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